White Morphic

White Morphic - Blown glass

My current work is an investigation into metamorphosis and the pieces have themselves been through many metamorphic states to arrive at their present form.

The design process began as a search for a new form to follow on from my recent Bird series. Looking at birds eggs led me to look at insect eggs, namely butterfly eggs. My attention turned to cocoons and then caterpillars and then segmented forms. This has in turn led me to investigate microscopic cellular structures, ctenophores and sea sponges which are both deceptively simple aesthetically, yet biologically complex and beautiful.

The pieces are made in a two part process: the first form being a rather simple cylindrical shape that is blown and then cooled. The metamorphosis then begins to take place by cutting, carving or making holes in them. These are then slowly incubated over night in a kiln and re-introduced to the extreme heat of the furnace. This is when the final transformation takes place and the new form is born.

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